E. projects@jonathanwest.com.au A.2D, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd St Peters, 2044. NSW P.0412 716 611
07.09.17 It’s a very humbling experience when people  invest in your work- there’s so much trust involved. Such a pleasure to produce this cabinet for the talented @decus_interiors team! Thank you. (Patinated brass, ebonised oak, stone)
07.08.17 Check it out – Our Ash bench now available @project82 ! Image 👉 @pablo__veiga .
18.07.17 Thank you @hollybyrne and @homebeautiful for including us in your #denfair feature. 🙌🛋👌
16.06.17 We are very happy to have our side tables now available @studio_enti ! This shot from our recent visit only shows a sliver of Naomi’s gracefully simple ceramics. Check it – Foley St Darlinghurst. 👌
15.06.17 Our walnut and tallowwood stools are now available @studio_enti ! There new studio looks tops! Check it out — Foley St Darlinghurst. Congrats again guys! Image via Studio Enti.
07.06.17 Take a seat tomorrow at #denfair.. I’ll be there with @handkraftedco. Stand 710.
06.06.17 A playful element in furniture is really important to me, it can save a piece from being overly serious, I think this one☝️goes there.. stand 710 #denfair. Hopefully see you there 🖐
06.06.17 Brass, ebonized oak. #denfair
05.06.17 There’s a freedom in designing and making a piece for exhibition.. No one really has to like it- you just hope they will. A chance for a bolder expression of elements, a strong personality- I think this one ticks those boxes.. Showing at #denfair starting Thursday, stand 710.
05.06.17 Side table we’ll be showing at #denfair this week with @handkrafted – laminated oak, aluminium and peach mirror.