E. projects@jonathanwest.com.au A.2D, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd St Peters, 2044. NSW P.0412 716 611
06.06.17 A playful element in furniture is really important to me, it can save a piece from being overly serious, I think this one☝️goes there.. stand 710 #denfair. Hopefully see you there πŸ–
06.06.17 Brass, ebonized oak. #denfair
05.06.17 There’s a freedom in designing and making a piece for exhibition.. No one really has to like it- you just hope they will. A chance for a bolder expression of elements, a strong personality- I think this one ticks those boxes.. Showing at #denfair starting Thursday, stand 710.
05.06.17 Side table we’ll be showing at #denfair this week with @handkrafted – laminated oak, aluminium and peach mirror.
04.06.17 We’re @denfair this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, stand 710 with @handkraftedco – Come say hello, this guy will be there with some friends. πŸ‘‹
31.05.17 I’m humbled by this feature, thank you for the interview @yellowtrace ! πŸ‘‰ From left – image of @meccacoffee designed by @smithandcarmody , artwork in portrait made for @u____p , brass cabinet made for @amanda_talbot1 of Studio Snoop .
30.05.17 πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ #banthebag . Three more states to go… #waronwaste #waronwasteau Image by Jorge Gamboa via Techne.
17.05.17 Table base prototype wrapped in nice light…..getting so close to finishing our pieces for #denfair !
15.05.17 Sampling for a chair I’ll be showing at #denfair next month.. Since this prototype it’s taken some turns, part weird part wonderful…
12.05.17 Outtake from brass cabinet shoot. πŸ‘  ……happy Friday all !!